Sonntag den 26.08.2012 · 17:00 – 20:00 Uhr

Am kommenden Sonntag gibt es mal wieder ein Wilde Hilde Spezial!
Wir haben „The Wollium“ zu Gast!

The Wollium? So, who is this dude named The Wollium? Born and raised in Paderborn, inspired by the world. He discovered DJing in the late 90s and is still fascinated by the idea, that mixing two records produces sounds no one has ever heard before. Today he holds a residency at the infamous Residenz Club in his hometown. Wolli, as most of the people call him, is armed with the love for catchy house music, but don’t expect him to stick to just one house genre when standing behind the decks. He is the kind of DJ who loves to keep the audience excited, so you should always anticipate some surprising gems in his sets. As most passionate DJs, he likes to play for hours and hours, …hence there should be a toilette near the booth.  Never the less, The Wollium sticks to the old saying: There are only two kinds of music, good and bad. …and what he likes to play out is obvious.

Übrigens könnt Ihr vorab heute Abend The Wollium zusammen mit Fabien live beim Resi Re-Opening im Main Club hinten den Plattenspielern ab 23 Uhr erleben 😉

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Es wird am Sonntag also wie immer: funky, groovy, sexy & deep – wie ihr es von uns gewohnt seid. Andizzzii & Max Freund werden auch wieder ihre neuen House-Schätzchen auspacken, auflegen und darüber fachsimpeln. Wenn ihr daran teilhaben wollt, dann checkt den Livestream über Sweat Lodge Radio und holt euch eure 2-wöchentliche Musikdosis ab!

Wir freuen uns & vergesst nicht einzuschalten 😉

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